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The best way out is always through.

Robert Frost


About Me

As the director of Guide Therapy Services, my mission is to tailor an individualized environment where you can cultivate well-being, re-align with your intuition, and use a healthy self-understanding to further your advancement of effectively moving towards your needs and goals. In practice I incorporate current evidence-based research on the connections that exist between emotional and physical well-being with my conscientiously rigorous educational and clinical experiences as the cornerstone in the work I do with individuals, couples, and families from all walks of life.


Some people begin to search for a therapist when they feel like they have run out of options and need a change. Others simply seek counseling to help boost their personal growth and ability to progress more effectively towards their optimal goals. Whatever the initial motivations are, all of my clients can expect a safe, non-judgmental and peaceful environment where they can work towards creating positive change, at their own pace.

Myda Krboyan, LCSW

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Guide Therapy Services

Mental Health Treatment Specialties


Specializing in Anxiety, Depression and Identity Therapy


Individuals who are experiencing excessive worry, anxiety, general anxiety, health anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, and/or other similar symptoms, can expect a structured, collaborative, and scientifically grounded treatment approach to developing and maintaining effective anxiety management strategies.

Emotional Wellbeing

Counseling with a focus on emotional wellbeing and early intervention is an interactive process where clients have an opportunity to talk about what's on their mind in a neutral space and develop new approaches for achieving their goals. Rather than waiting until you are “at the end of your rope” before considering counseling, discover the benefits of using counseling as way to get ahead of challenges, prevent future difficulties, and boost your ability to thrive overall.


Everyone feels sad sometimes, but when you are dealing with depression your struggle with daily life can last for weeks at a time. Whether you are struggling with depression yourself or supporting a loved one experiencing depression, I can help.

Couples Therapy

 The couples I work with can expect to create tools and strategies that can be used to manage future conflicts and used to create more fulfillment, joy, and intimacy in their relationship. 


We all have moments in life where we question what makes us who we are or question how to get back in touch with our true selves. I offer a supportive space and methodical approach to understanding the various aspects of identity, culture, gender, purpose, sexual identity, and how social mechanisms and institutions can influence our sense of self. 

Online Therapy

Telehealth, video and telephone sessions, are available for all clients. With an internet connection your session can take place wherever you feel the most comfortable using any HIPAA compliant video/audio platform.

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